Elite Direto VS Tacx Flux : What’s the best ?

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With the expansion of apps making indoor cycling a lot more interactive, trainer manufacturers have launched a new generation products. These smart trainers communicate directly with a third-party app and their resistance is also managed by this app, allowing it to vary according to the information transmitted.   There are two types of smart trainer: roller trainers (or “wheel on” trainers) and direct-drive (or “wheel off”) trainers. Home trainers Elite Direto and Tacx Flux are part of this second category. Positioned in the middle in the overall range …

A great first MTB All Mountain Raid, the Pyr’Epic

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The Pyrenees is a mountain range that’s far away from our dear old Alps, and we don’t know much about it, either out of laziness or local chauvinism, but we have to admit that nothing up to now prompted us to go and explore the mountains in Occitanie, bordered on one side by the ocean, and to the other by the sea.   As far as I’m aware, apart from the Transpyr, a MTB Raid that has been going for over five years now and is still little …

My first Inferno

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    Flashback: after my first triathlon in 2015, when I tackled the Embrunman – a challenge I enjoyed – the next step with to take up an even more difficult challenge. The Norseman in Norway was firmly ensconced in my mind, and since it takes place in August, like the Embrun, the timing suited me perfectly.   To prepare for this slightly crazy race in August 2016, there was an intermediary preparation stage that was really ideal: the Ironman in Nice on 5 June. An ambitious opportunity …

Moustache electric MTB test

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    At the Val d’Isère Electric Vehicle Exhibition the staff at Cycletyres.com had a chance to try out the famous Moustache electric MTB in an idyllic setting.   The second year of the exhibition confirmed that the electric bicycle is really revolutionising the bike market. All these innovations are providing every cyclist with the chance to ride a bike and have fun, from people who are not into sport to big cycling fans. For the occasion Moustache pulled out the stops: free tests for four days lasting …