Presentation of the new Enduro MTB tyre Maxxis Assegai

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Maxxis Assegai 2

It is on the occasion of the Enduro World Series at Olargues which took place beginning of may in the Caroux mountains, in the Haut Languedoc natural park, that we discovered the new Enduro MTB tyre Maxxis Assegai.   We were on site to see Morgane Charre in action, who we accompany this year, and to better understand the formats, the courses and the latest trends in Enduro MTB. What strikes in this practice, is the physical intensity with longer descents than in Downhill, and physically intense transition …

Continental Race King 2018 test by the Chiru Magura team at the Joberg2c

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Johannesburg, Aftrique du Sud

While Continental has kept the same product names, a few interesting changes have come about in the German brand’s 2018 MTB tyre range! As users of the previous Race King generation, we hold the cards to best compare the two versions and appreciate the improvements. You can find out about the old Race King in the article where we compare it to the Thunder Burt Schwalbe tyre mounted on the back wheel.   Clearly, the difference between the 2018 Race King and its predecessor is not obvious at …

Vittoria presents Air-Liner, the first customisable foam protection system for tubeless tyres

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Following the recent innovations in terms of internal protection systems for tubeless tyres, including Pepi’s Noodle, MrWolf’s Banger, the Procore of Schwalbe and the foam systems of Huck Norris and CushCore, the Italian brand Vittoria proposes the first customisable foam insert. Like his predecessors, this system is made to protect your wheel and your tyre while cycling at low pressure, which maximises adherence to the terrain.   Named Air-Liner, it brings two innovations into the market, which are aimed at resolving the disasvantages of the inserts that are …


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The German brand Continental, world leading tyre manufacturer, surprises us once again with a new cover for XC and Marathon, the Cross King Black Chili Protection Tubeless Ready 2018, inspired by the mythical X King.   This new model has several differences to the previous version.     The main improvement is that the tyre is only reinforced on the side walls with 3 layers of 60 tpi as opposed to the previous version, which was reinforced from rim to rim and had 4 layers of 60 tpi. …