Choosing the right DH tyre

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Choosing a downhill (DH) tyre can prove to be more complicated that it seems, because a large number of criteria need to be taken into account: • which brand? • what kind of tyre casing? • what kind of rubber? • for what kind of terrain? • for what conditions? • which profile?   What is a DH (downhill) tyre? It’s a robust tyre with a reinforced tyre casing (2 plys in general), with well-pronounced lugs (or knobs) for maximum grip.   Here, we will take a look …

The setup of the month: Maxxis Shorty Exo 3C Front / Maxxis Minion DH Rear II

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Our new resolution for 2015 is each month to present a tyre setup that’s adapted to the seasonal conditions and to different events so that you will have as much information as possible when shopping for tyres.   In January, the conditions are more than ideal for mountain biking! Snow is still only on the ground at high altitude (or even in the high mountains!), and the weather is not as bitterly cold as in previous months. Ideal weather for getting the bike out!  Here is the season’s …

Bicycle tyre mounting direction

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Most MTB tyres, and some regular bike tyres, include recommendations from the manufacturers about the direction in which tyres should be mounted. But the technique varies from one brand to another, and from one model to another, since the profiles do not have the same directional systems. Here we bring you a review of the biggest brands to help you choose your tyre setup.   1st case: Single arrow (Continental, Maxxis, Schwalbe), and identical setup for the front and rear wheel.   This is the easiest case. The …