How to read a bicycle tyre?

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The information on the size of your bicycle tyre is located on its sidewall. In general, all the information is on one side of the tyre, so if you don’t see anything, check out the other side! The information is usually engraved on the sidewall, without any color, so make sure to be in a well lit area in order to be able to read it.   The following information is provided :   Brand   Michelin, Hutchinson, Maxxis, Schwalbe, etc   Model   PRO4, Python, High Roller, …

Bicycle tyre mounting direction

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Most MTB tyres, and some regular bike tyres, include recommendations from the manufacturers about the direction in which tyres should be mounted. But the technique varies from one brand to another, and from one model to another, since the profiles do not have the same directional systems. Here we bring you a review of the biggest brands to help you choose your tyre setup.   1st case: Single arrow (Continental, Maxxis, Schwalbe), and identical setup for the front and rear wheel.   This is the easiest case. The …

DH tyres: Pro choices at the World Cup at Val d’Isère

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As we did for the pros on the Tour de France when they passed through Saint-Alban Leysse for the Critérium du Dauphiné, we set off with our cleats and cameras for the MTB World Cup at Val d’Isère. While all the miles on a stage of the Critérium call for minimal rolling resistance, the impressive climb up the Face de Bellevarde encourages riders not to neglect their tyres!   The weather conditions were « interesting », and made tyre choices quite complicated. After driving along the deserted road from Chambéry …