What tyre size for your rims ?

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When changing bicycle tyre section, you need to make sure that the section your are opting for is compatible with the width of your rims. Failing to do so would put you at risk of getting your tyres off the rim in action, or of prematurely wearing out your tyres. If the tyre is too large relative to the bike’s rim, you are in serious risk of tyres getting off the rim without warning. The shape of the tyre once in place also won’t be as intended, and …

Bicycle tyres main sizes

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Watch out, a 26 inch can hide another!   Recently a customer called us to say « the tyre I received is too big for my wheel. Yet I did buy a 26 inch tyre! ». He had in fact purchased a 26 x 1.00 tyre with an ETRTO of 42-584, when he needed a tyre with an inner diameter of 559….Both tyres are « 26 inch » tyres, their outside diameter is about 26″, but their inner diameters – the one that must match that of your wheel – differ Un …

How to read a bicycle tyre?

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The information on the size of your bicycle tyre is located on its sidewall. In general, all the information is on one side of the tyre, so if you don’t see anything, check out the other side! The information is usually engraved on the sidewall, without any color, so make sure to be in a well lit area in order to be able to read it.   The following information is provided :   Brand   Michelin, Hutchinson, Maxxis, Schwalbe, etc   Model   PRO4, Python, High Roller, …