Early season UCI marathon at Roc d’Ardenne

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For the past few years, « roc mania » has gone beyond the French borders. You had to pay a visit to our Belgian friends to be there for the start of the Roc d’Ardennes, far from the rocky ground of the Roc d’Azur or the mountains for the Roc des Alpes. A dive into the muddy terrain of the Belgian Ardennes for a 86-kilometre marathon with 2300m of climbs and descents. The temple of short cross-country racing a few years back, the little town of Houffalize has played host …

The setup of the month: Schwalbe Nobby Nic / Schwalbe Rocket Ron

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In April, ideal riding conditions will soon be upon us, but are not there yet!   We decided to highlight a versatile tyre setup that is particularly well adapted to the prevailing conditions, which are sometimes dry and compact and sometimes wet (even muddy) and loose. This tyre setup is suited to everything from XC to All-Mountain, and is perfect for getting the old legs going again in early spring!   Here are the selected models:   • The Schwalbe Nobby Nic, in the Pacestar version – Snakeskin …

Schwalbe Thunder Burt rear tyre vs. Continental Race King

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For several seasons now, we’ve had a very wide selection of tyres to choose from thanks to our partner at cycletyres.fr. Tyres have a strong part to play in MTB performance, a « wear and tear part », but are an element with technical features that are lot more complex than you’d think at first glance. So it’s time for us, the riders at Team Cycletyres.com, to share our experience of the tyres we use. In this article, we decided to look in detail at the Schwalbe Thunder Burt and …

Choosing the right DH tyre

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Choosing a downhill (DH) tyre can prove to be more complicated that it seems, because a large number of criteria need to be taken into account: • which brand? • what kind of tyre casing? • what kind of rubber? • for what kind of terrain? • for what conditions? • which profile?   What is a DH (downhill) tyre? It’s a robust tyre with a reinforced tyre casing (2 plys in general), with well-pronounced lugs (or knobs) for maximum grip.   Here, we will take a look …