Choosing the right DH tyre

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Choosing a downhill (DH) tyre can prove to be more complicated that it seems, because a large number of criteria need to be taken into account: • which brand? • what kind of tyre casing? • what kind of rubber? • for what kind of terrain? • for what conditions? • which profile?   What is a DH (downhill) tyre? It’s a robust tyre with a reinforced tyre casing (2 plys in general), with well-pronounced lugs (or knobs) for maximum grip.   Here, we will take a look …

Choosing the right Enduro tyre

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Choosing the right tyre has never been simple, which is why we thought we’d give you a few tips!   In Enduro, you are obviously looking for something different from XC or DH, but some points are exactly the same, such as the tyre profile. Whatever the event, the profile is determined by the same criteria: grip, rolling qualities, traction and performance.   Here we will look more closely at the profile of an Enduro tyre.   As in many events, the tyre profile needs to be adapted …

Enduro: the choice of CTD riders

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For an Enduro / All-Mountain tyre setup, you can’t say the choice is limited!   Between Tubetype / Tubeless / Tubeless Ready tyres, for loose, mixed dry or muddy terrain, making the right decision can be really difficult. Especially when you can’t try out every single model on the market!   So we decided to give you a helping hand by unveiling the favourite tyres of our riders!   Here we will look at the favourite tyre setups of:   Loïc Claret (12th at the Châtel Bike Festival …