How to glue tubular tyres?

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In this tutorial, we are explaining how to mount a tubular just like professional mechanics do it. Hold on to your seat, this is a bit like a cooking recipe…   For this, we worked with Stéphane Cognet, competitive road cyclist and equipment test rider. He knows how to mount tubulars like the back of his hand.   Here is what we need:     1. Glue remover to remove glue residues : we used the Schwalbe rim cement remover, which proved very effective ! (it leaves a …

How to install a valve extension

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In this tutorial, we will see how to install a valve extension.   To help install the valve extension, we called in one of our partners, Stéphane Cognet, a rider and bike equipment tester. His wide experience on the subject will come in handy.   There are two kinds of valve extensions: 1) Extensions for valves with removable cores 2) Extensions for valves with fixed cores   Extension for a valve with a removable core   First of all, you need to choose the length you need: • …