Early season UCI marathon at Roc d’Ardenne

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For the past few years, « roc mania » has gone beyond the French borders. You had to pay a visit to our Belgian friends to be there for the start of the Roc d’Ardennes, far from the rocky ground of the Roc d’Azur or the mountains for the Roc des Alpes. A dive into the muddy terrain of the Belgian Ardennes for a 86-kilometre marathon with 2300m of climbs and descents. The temple of short cross-country racing a few years back, the little town of Houffalize has played host …

Andalucia Bike Race: the last stage before the Cape Epic

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Couverture andalucia bike race

The team’s newcomer has character. He turns up, takes the decisions and signs us all up for the Andalucia Bike Race, which takes place in February. February! Can you imagine? No, don’t even try, we couldn’t imagine it either.   Because once we’d gone round the Pyrenees and were headed south, the land became dryer and dryer, more and more sunny, which made a change from the clouds and rain pouring down on us. It feels good, dammit! The guy was right, it really looks like the tops. …