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Tyres and Tubulars

Tyres and Tubulars

A road bike tyre consists of a tread of 23mm, 25mm or 28mm, a casing made up of threads (tpi) and a steel, Kevlar or aramid bead. The casing of the tyre consists of thread and rubber. The more important the number of threads, the more flexible the casing of the tyre will be. The tyre will be more comfortable, but also more fragile. Conversely a casing composed of few threads will be more resistant to punctures, but also less flexible and therefore less comfortable.

A tubular also consists of a tread and a casing. Unlike the tyre, the tubular is closed and integrates a tube generally in latex, or butyl. More comfortable and offering better performance, the tubular is also more tedious to install and requires some savoir-faire.

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